Monday, February 9, 2009

How to Comment On Other's Posts

Would you like to leave a comment?

Click on the link "(#) Comments" at the bottom of the post you wish to comment on. A new window will open up and you will type your comment in the "Leave Your Comment" field. After you have completed your comment, "Choose Your Identity" by choosing the option that best suits you:

- Google: use this option if you have a google or gmail account and would like to post under your Google screenname
- OpenID: use this option if you have another type of account like AIM, TypePad, etc and you wish to post under that screenname
- Name/URL: use this option if you would like to only add your name and/or a website address
- Anonymous: use this option if you would like to remain anonymous

Next, click on "Publish Your Comment" and you are done! Make sure to check back to see any follow-up comments or answers to your questions!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to Post

1. Once you've logged into Blogger you'll see your Dashboard (you'll know because the page will say "Dashboard" in the top left corner), showing the list of blogs.  Click the blue 'New Post' button to create a new post:

2. Next, you'll see the Create New Post page. Start by giving your post a title (Example below:  “Method III Flip Charts”), then enter the post itself:

3. When you're done, click the "Preview" link to make sure it's ready to go:

Previewing a post

4. Once you're satisfied with your post, click the "Publish" button. This will publish your new post:

Publish your post